Friday 13 December 2019

#BlogTour Audiobook: Cast a Deadly Shadow by Roger Granelli

Today it's a pleasure to kick off the BlogTour for the Audiobook Cast a Deadly Shadow by Roger Granelli. - Roger Granelli (Author), Andrew Wincott (Narrator), Audible Studios (Publisher)

About the Author
Cast A Deadly Shadow by Roger Granelli - From the author of gripping Italian crime dramas Still Waters, Tough Love and Under the Wide Palermo Sky.

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About the Audiobook
With Cast A Deadly Shadow Roger Granelli has followed his exciting series of Palermo Stories with a full-length novel that is a fast-moving tale of murder, betrayal and lust.

Cast A Deadly Shadow is a vibrant, fast-moving tale of murder, lust, and betrayal, as Inspector Carlo Carpanini and Sergeant Leo Bracchi continue their never-ending fight against the Mafia Dons of Palermo.

Carlo and Leo have managed to capture Bardolini, a leading Mafiosi and psychopathic killer who has been a long-time target. They are bringing him back from Milan to Palermo by train but things go badly wrong. Two other Mafia hit men attempt to free Bardolini, which leads to a bloody confrontation in the railway carriage. Carlo and Leo survive but this sets off a dramatic chain of events and all manner of criminals with their own agenda want to get involved, and none of them can be trusted.

To make matters worse, Leo’s partner Sylvia is kidnapped by one of Bardolini’s henchmen, causing Leo a terrible dilemma of having to choose between duty and the need to save the love of his life. In the midst of all this Carlo and Leo also have to deal with a major raid on a Palermo bank, carried out by the Camorra mafia from Naples who are trying to muscle in on their long-established Sicilian counterparts.

All roads eventually lead to the Villa Moretti, where Sylvia is being held. Carlo and Leo are in their tightest spot ever as they try to save her, whilst being threatened by three different mafia entities, all trying to gain the bloody upper hand over each other and the police in an explosive final climax.

Granelli is the author of the Palermo Stories - singles - and this is a full length novel featuring detectives Carpanini and Bracchi.

Let me start off by mentioning how perfect the choice of narrator is for this audiobook. Andrew Wincott personifies the essence of the characters and the story - perhaps he was too perfect. (Wonders if he has a mafia sideline, that's how convincing he is.)

The story begins with the capture of the volatile killer Bardolini. He is a head honcho in the mafia and doesn't take kindly to being captured. Carpanini and Bracchi soon discover that they might have bitten off more than they can chew when Bardolini's men try to rescue him.

A tit for tat develops, which places one of the detectives in a conundrum. Should he pick his career and everything he believes in or should he save the person he loves. One would think the choice is clear, but at what cost does his choice come?

The author brings the coarse, abrupt and often brutal feeling of mob mentality to the table. Not the mob we know from the US - the romanticised gangster version. This speaks to the origins and the old school mafia, which is a completely different ball game. When you combine that with a character and story definition similar to Montalbano, Maltese or Il capo dei capi - you get a riveting read or listen.

It's an old school urban mafia crime story brought alive by a captivating narrator. He definitely does justice to Granelli's words and characters.This is a story I would recommend to listeners who enjoy crime that is abrasive and oddly charming at the same time.

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Audible Audiobook
Listening Length: 8 hours and 27 minutes,  Program Type Audiobook, Version: Unabridged, Publisher: Audible Studios, Release Date: 12 Dec. 2019, Language: English, English., ASIN: B081VRMCN3

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