Thursday, 7 November 2019

#BlogTour Saving Grace by Jess B. Moore

Today it's a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour Saving Grace by Jess B. Moore.
About the Author
Jess B. Moore is a writer of love stories. When she’s not writing, she’s busy mothering her accomplished and headstrong children, reading obscene numbers of books, and knitting scarves she’ll likely never finish.

Jess lives in small town North Carolina with her bluegrass obsessed family. She takes too many pictures of her cats, thinking the Internet loves them as much as she does. She is a firm believer of swapping stories over coffee or wine, and that there should always be dark chocolate involved.

The Guilt of a Sparrow is her debut novel combining her interests in family, music, and small towns into a thoughtful tale of growing up and falling in love. Her second book, Fierce Grace, follows similar themes in a whole new way, and can be read as a tie-in or stand-alone. The Worth of a Penny (sequel or stand-alone) released March 2019. Look forward to more books from Jess in the Fox River Romance series.

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About the book
Brandt Grace is trouble no matter what he says or does, always getting in his own way, and trying to prove he can do better and be better only to fall on his face. Saving Grace follows Brandt's unintentional fall for Lola Donovan, the previously friendly girl turned quiet ghost of a girl. They connect at rock bottom, finding an unexpected source of strength in each other. Can they find a way to leave the past behind and build a future together?

This is the fourth book in the Fox River Romance series. The books can be read as standalone novels.

I really enjoyed the way the friendship and romance blossomed slowly between Lola and Brandt in the form of giving each other space and safety almost simultaneously. The simple gestures of kindness and comfort without expecting any kind of reciprocation.

The fact they both find themselves in the same situation in regards to their reputations and the way they think people perceive them just helps to create a tighter bond between them. Two loners on the outskirts of society seeking a little solace and a place without condemnation.

Kudos to Moore for Lola's story and the way the character confronts what she believes to be her greatest mistake and sin. The guilt, doubt and lack of understanding about her experience is well-written and deserving of its own platform.

I think there is this misconception about how easy it is to write romance. It's not that easy. You have to be able, even when it is a just a feel good story without a huge underbelly of depth, to create characters that evoke some kind of reaction from the reader.

Moore can do that. She knows how to create the tension, the moments of breathless desire, the uncertainty of butterfly feelings and the electricity of physical attraction. Those would be but moments without connection if she weren't also capable of capturing the emotional capital you need to write a good romance.

It's a romance with an emphasis on emotional space and boundaries.

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