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#BlogTour Highest Lives by Gordon Brown

Today it's a pleasure to take part and finish the BlogTour Highest Lives by Gordon Brown.
About the Author
Gordon Brown has seven crime and thriller books published to date, along with a number of short stories (including a story in an Anthony Winning anthology). His latest novel, Highest Lives,  is the fourth in the Craig McIntyre series. He also helped found Bloody Scotland, Scotland's International Crime Writing Festival (see, is a DJ on local radio ( and runs a strategic planning consultancy.

Gordon lives in Scotland and is married with two children. In a former life he delivered pizzas in Toronto, sold non-alcoholic beer in the Middle East, launched a creativity training business, floated a high-tech company on the London Stock Exchange, compered the main stage at a two-day music festival and was once booed by 49,000 people while on the pitch at a major football Cup Final

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About the book
In cities across North America people are dying in seemingly impossible ways. Is history s most outrageous serial killer on the loose? When LAPD Detective Sarah Tracy is secretly instructed to recruit Craig McIntyre to help her investigate the deaths, she is unaware that his mere presence can transform peoples darkest thoughts into action.

As Sarah and Craig hunt the murky underbelly of LA for the malevolent figure responsible for the bizarre deaths, they stumble upon the most expensive narcotic ever to hit the streets - a substance that promises something so unbelievable that users are willing to risk death to experience it. With government black ops agency head Senator Tampoline always lurking in the shadows, Craig is used to being hunted. Now he is the hunter. And thousands could die if he fails to track down the killer.

To begin with the story has an action and military read vibe, however the author takes that element further and introduces speculative, technological and also paranormal (the inexplicable) into the storyline. The result is a captivating read.

This is the fourth in the Craig McIntyre series, and if this is anything to go by the books can be read as standalone novels. The author gives enough back-info on the prior storylines without overshadowing this story.

Craig is recruited, albeit through a quite unusual approach, to help investigate a series of odd and almost impossible deaths. The police have a bizarre theory about one person being responsible for them. Craig is roped in because he is one of a few with certain talents that could aid the discovery of said criminal. Saying that, as he lacks proper control over said talents he is never quite sure what the result of his interference will be. He just knows that the results are usually not very pleasant.

It's an action packed thriller, a smorgasbord of speculative technology and paranormal elements. The interesting thing about this read is the way it caters to the readers who like a Jack Reacher type of character, although to be fair McIntyre is followed everywhere by a cloud of bad luck, and readers who enjoy that added bit of fiction that ventures beyond the norm.

I haven't read anything by Brown before, but I can say without a doubt that this won't be the last book of his that I read. The combination of an intriguing plot, excellent writing and storytelling make him a writer to watch out for. Although he has made his mark in the world of writing he certainly deserves more recognition for his body of work.

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