Friday, 1 March 2019

The Nowhere Child by Christian White

What would you do if a stranger could prove without a doubt that you aren't the person you think you are? Would you want to know the truth and discover the who, when and how? Or would you just ignore the possibility of another life and identity?

Kim, an Australian photographer, thinks it is all some kind of sick joke when she is approached by someone who believes she is Sammy Went, a young child who went missing in the United States a few decades ago.

The premise of a missing child isn't a new one, however the author has added an extra layer of intrigue to the basic 'girl gone - girl found' storyline. Nature vs nurture and whether blood takes precedence over non-blood related relationships plays a pivotal role in this story and also for Kim. The meeting with her birth-mother is fascinating and is actually a key part of the plot.

Religion is used to control the masses, and yet simultaneously it is also a factor of comfort for many people. The majority feels as if they need to be guided and live by a set of rules written by men many centuries ago, and interpreted both now and then by men in a way that suits their own agenda.

The small town Sammy disappeared from is full of members of a religious community who use bizarre dangerous practices to prove their connection with and the existence of God. This includes the family of Sammy Went. A family torn apart by the mystery, the guilt and the secrets they keep hidden despite perhaps being able to help find the child.

It's a psychological thriller with a focus on relationships and takes the reader into the dark delusional world of cults and religious zealots. The main character struggles to connect with a past she has no recollection of and reconcile the happy childhood she experienced with her old family and her new one. It's an excellent read.

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