Thursday, 21 March 2019

#PublicationDayPush The Pieces of You and Me by Rachel Burton

Today it's my tun on the BlogTour The Pieces of You and Me by Rachel Burton. It's women's fiction and contemporary fiction with a focus on friendship and compassion,

About the Author
Rachel Burton is the author of the international ebook bestseller The Many Colours of Us.

Rachel spent most of her life between Cambridge and London but now lives in Yorkshire with her fiance and their three cats. The main loves of her life are The Beatles and very tall romantic heroes.

She is always happy to talk books, writing, music, cats and how the weather in Yorkshire is rubbish. She is mostly dreaming of her next holiday....

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About the book
They say time can heal all wounds…
When Jess and Rupert parted ways, it was the end of a great love story that might have been. Now ten years later, the very different paths they have taken in life will bring them back together for a chance meeting.

But with so much left unsaid about the break up neither ever recovered from and with each keeping their own devastating secrets, will they finally be able to make the fractured pieces of their love for one another whole again?

You know what they say, sometimes it's the right person, but at the wrong time. I think that is what the relationship between Jess and Rupert is like. Sometimes life intervenes and throws obstacles in our path, which is how the two of them are drawn apart in the first place.

Rupert is very insecure and jealous, perhaps because he has already lost so much time with Jess. His reaction to Dan is over the top and almost controlling. In fact I found it hard to find Rupert sympathetic at times.

Chronic illness and ill health play a major role in this story. The way the healthy react to people with chronic conditions and more importantly how those with chronic conditions deal with life in general, especially when it's a condition like ME (chronic fatigue). There are still plenty of medical professionals who doubt the validity of the existence of said condition. I think perhaps the lack of understanding about how it takes a toll on the life of a person suffering from ME is more relevant to this story.

Jess has good days and sometimes really bad ones, and any romantic partner has to be able to cope with the erratic nature of the condition. Jess knows from experience that it makes some men run in the opposite direction.

It's a story about second chances, perhaps even fate in a way. It's women's fiction and contemporary fiction with a focus on friendship and compassion, rather than two people being swept away by passionate encounters. It's a slow burner with strong, yet at times quite self-serving characters.

Buy The Pieces of You and Me at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: HQ Digital; pub date 21 Feb. 2019. Paperback pub date 30 May 2019.

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