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#BlogTour So Here It is by Dave Hill

I am delighted to take part in the BlogTour So Here It Is by Dave Hill. It's a heartfelt and open memoir by iconic rock group Slade's legendary guitarist.

About the Author
Dave Hill was born in a castle in Devon and moved with his parents to Wolverhampton when he was a year old. As a teenager he taught himself to play guitar and in 1966 formed the band Slade.

After the break-up of the original band, Dave eventually re-formed Slade, and twenty-five years later, they are still regularly touring the world, playing to hundreds of thousands of fans. Dave married his wife Jan in 1973, and they have three children and six grandchildren. They still live in Wolverhampton.

About the book
'No Slade = No Oasis. It's as devastating and as simple as that' Noel Gallagher

With six consecutive number one singles and the smash hit ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’, Slade were unstoppable. Now, the man whose outlandish costumes and unmistakable hairstyle made Slade one of the definitive acts of the Glam Rock era tells his story.

But there’s more to Dave’s life than rock 'n' roll and good times. So Here It Is also covers the band’s painful break-up, Dave’s subsequent battle with depression, and his recovery from the stroke that threatened to cut short his performing career.

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a working-class lad from the Midlands suddenly confronted by unimaginable fame, So Here It Is is the definitive account, told with heart and humour and filled with never-before-seen photos.

My first record (vinyl) was Look Wot You Dun by Slade, which I played on my little suitcase record-player. Much foot-stomping and clenched fisted singing was to be heard in our house in the early 70s.

When time and music styles pass so quickly I suppose it is easy to forget early influences in the music scene. I think Slade fits quite well into the category of being an influencer, albeit one that never achieved the levels of global fame they probably deserved.

Ironically their unique sound and fearless approach to their brand and fashion has been the inspiration for many other musicians, which allowed other groups to soar, whilst they plateaued in a way.

The story is an open and honest dialogue with the reader, although admittedly at times it appears as if Hill understands the significance of his early childhood trauma on his life and the possible genetic propensity for certain mental health issues, he seems reluctant to acknowledge the full scale of the impact on himself, his life and his family. On some level the instinct to protect his mother may weigh in higher than exposing her to the masses.

I admire his attempt to talk about his depression and the feeling of helplessness or lack of conviction when it comes to finding the right treatment and medication. I also admire the fact Hill lays all his cards on the table about his journey with Slade without slating anyone or rolling out both the petty and more serious disagreements that go hand in hand with being part of a successful iconic band.

It's a walk along memory lane, a cleansing of sorts and it's also an entirely new view on his career and how Slade became a household name, especially at Christmas. No Christmas Rock album is complete without Slade. No Brit Rock history is complete without mentioning Slade.

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