Thursday, 4 October 2018

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

This is the first in the All Souls trilogy and has just been made into a major Sky television production, so if you haven't read the books yet the show might entice you to read all about Matthew and Diana.

Diana, who is a witch reluctant to use her magic, inadvertently calls up an influential magical manuscript, which in turn sets a series of disastrous events in motion. It is also the event that brings her together with a suave vampire called Matthew.

I know her reluctance to use magic is a major part of the plot, but man I really wanted to shake Diana at times. A lot. Come on woman zap someone, drown them, fly or cast a freaking spell. Enough with the virtuous witchy spiel. Surely being all sanctimonious and non-witchy gets tiring when someone is trying to spell you to death?

I was a little surprised by the strong focus on the romantic side of the plot, especially because the rest of the premise is very interesting from a magical perspective. It has elements of quite a few popular urban fantasy series including time travel, conflict between demons, witches and vampires, and a fateful connection between soulmates.

Harkness delivers to the romance and urban fantasy readers in equal measures, which is probably why the series is so popular. It's full of drama and tender moments of craving mixed with the new throes of passion and love. It isn't exactly what I expected, but I am interested to see where it goes.

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The brand new book by Deborah Harkness was released on the 18th September 2018 it's the story of Marcus (progeny of Matthew de Clermont) and Phoebe Taylor. Buy Time's Convert here.

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