Monday 12 March 2018

Echoes: One Climber's Hard Road to Freedom by Nick Bullock

At first glance you might think this is just the journey of one man and whatever huge monster of a mountain he can find, however it is so much more. It is a detailed experience of his soul-searching and analysis of his choices in life, and how they led to his dangling from great heights.

If you were to ask me what I took away from this book then my answer would have to be the fact the author writes with a refreshing honesty, and digs really deep to answer his own questions and perhaps even some he thinks the readers might want to ask him. It is a story of obsession, confusion about what direction in life to take, and ultimately about his paths in life.

Bullock doesn't shy away from his own home truths, his weaknesses and the reasons for his choices in life. Is he a seeker of thrills? Yes. His brain and body crave the extreme danger of the climb. He most definitely does, but he also relishes the freedom he experiences whilst climbing. Plowing through snow swept mountains or inching up the steepest of climbs, every new challenge is a battle between himself and nature. Instead of feeling a sense of relief after each success he is already thinking about the next climb.

His journey to finding his meaning in life and doing something that fulfils him with something other than fear and frustration, is one filled with bruises, injuries and surgery. His life is almost like a tennis match with Nick as the tennis ball, as he bounces from the mundane and frustrating normal life as a prison officer to the exhilaration of extreme danger and back again.

The writing is offset and complimented by the fantastic photographs in the book. Goodness knows how they took some of them in mid-climb.

Although the climbing aspect is the main feature of this story I have actually already recommended it to someone, because of the way Nick wrestles with his decisions and ultimately the acceptance of what really makes him happy. It's the inner demons, the daredevil attitude and vivid imagery that makes Echoes a very memorable read indeed.
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