Wednesday 7 March 2018

#BlogTour The Wedding that Changed Everything by Jennifer Joyce

Today is my turn on the BlogTour for the fabulous rom-com The Wedding that Changed Everything by Jennifer Joyce. It is an entertaining read with plenty of laughs and moments to remember.
About the Author
Jennifer Joyce is a writer of romantic comedies who lives in Manchester with her husband and their daughters, Rianne and Isobel, plus their Jack Russell Luna and bunny Cinnamon.

Jennifer has been scribbling down bits of stories for as long as she can remember, graduating from a pen to a typewriter and then an electronic typewriter.
"And I felt like the bee's knees typing on THAT. I now write my books on a laptop (which has a proper delete button and everything)."
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About the book
Love happens when you least expect it…
Emily Atkinson stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago! She’s fed up of dating frogs in order to track down her very own Prince Charming, despite the best efforts of her matchmaking best friend…
But now she’s been invited to the wedding of the year at the enchanting Durban Castle, and perhaps bumping into a knight in shining armour isn’t as far away as she thought! Will Emily survive the wedding and walk away an unscathed singleton – or finally find her own happily-ever-after?
Emily is very much a product of her childhood, and the result of that is a fear of commitment. She mistrusts the whole concept of romance and the possibility of finding a partner to share her life with. She is so intent on discovering the Mr Wrongs, so she doesn't get pulled into any romances or possibly find happiness, that she doesn't see Mr Right when he is stood right in front of her.

Emily agrees to be Alice's plus one at a family wedding. Alice needs back-up when it comes to her emotional abusive stepmother, her negligent father and old friends with simmering grievances.

There is something I have to get off my chest though. Alice needed to be told to sit down, to shut up and maybe given a shake for good measure. Regardless of whether she is bullied and submissive because of her endearing stepmother, it doesn't give her free rein to treat Emily with the same dismissive attitude. Emily doesn't have to fit into the girl meets Prince Charming box and finds her happy ever after, and she certainly doesn't have to find it just because Alice thinks she has to have it.

Joyce combines a mellow sense of humour with an aura of nostalgia and memorable characters. The result is an amusing, and yet also at times quite an emotional read. The charm of the story is how the subconscious needs of Emily drive her actions, despite her conscious determination to do the complete opposite. This wedding really does change everything.

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