Monday 12 October 2015

Time to Die by Caroline Mitchell

Jennifer Knight is a policewoman with special abilities. The kind of ability that is a little out of the norm. She has a gift, the gift of foresight.

The images come to her via nightmares and sometimes even day-mares. She uses her gift on the job with her similarly gifted colleagues.

The team is called in to deal with an odd suicide. There seems to be some kind of connection to a strange Tarot reader. Little do they know that this odd man is a very dangerous individual. Dark visions and magic mixed with an almost obsessive need to kill.

It was interesting to see a main character with enough baggage to cause OCD. Her need to control leads all the way back to being helpless as a child. The reason for that helplessness turns up again after many years, which angers Jennifer and makes her more anxious than usual.

Perhaps she can deal with her OCD when she finally lets go of all her secrets, and there are quite a few. Even her sister is unaware of just how many secrets Jennifer is keeping to herself.

I liked the concept, although I do think Mitchell needs to give the special police squad a little more attention. Venture out a wee bit more with the other member instead of just focusing solely on Jennifer the entire time. You can give a main character enough space in a story without eclipsing everything else.

Overall this crime with a shot of supernatural has a lot of potential, it just needs a little more polish and structure.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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