Monday, 15 August 2016

The Whistler by John Grisham

This review is based on the preview/sampler of The Whistler.
Lacy and her colleague Hugo are playing a game of cat and mouse with a potential whistle-blower or rather the person mediating the information between the four of them.

It is their job to investigate judicial misconduct and make sure those people at the top of the judicial system are squeaky clean or at least nothing more than dusty.

Greg is famously elusive when it comes to his privacy and safety. It seems a little odd that he would jeopardise his safety for a third party. Unless of course the pay-off is bigger than the risk.

Apparently Greg has a direct line of information all the way deep into the den of snakes. Someone close to the crooked judge is squawking like a parrot. Begs the question whether they're doing it because they want to rid the world of corruption or just to fill up their own pockets with the treasures from Ali Baba's cave.

Grisham is quite clever at baiting the hook, catching a reader and then reeling the fishing line in. Of course a sampler is infuriating in a sense that you get reeled in by the first few chapters and then have to wait in suspense to read the rest.

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