Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Secret language of Stones by M.J. Rose

This is the second part of The Daughters of La Lune series by M.J. Rose. In this book World War 1 and the Russian revolution are interwoven with the talents of the latest La Lune daughter.

On a side note, the author has a fascinating personal history and lets some of the elements of her background and family history seep into her stories.

I love the thought of Opaline being able to create an item that gives loved ones the feeling they can connect with the sons, husbands and lovers they have lost at war. The First World War was so brutal it managed to wipe out entire generations of the male population in more than one country.

Until I read it in this book I never really thought about how some people would have seen all those grieving loved ones as the perfect business opportunity. Mediums, psychics and countless frauds abusing such deep grief just to make a quick buck.

Opaline finds herself on both sides of the fence. She has lost someone, and she can connect to those that have past with her special gift.

My favourite part is the chapter about the eggs and the secrets they contain, perhaps because I find the story of the Faberge creations so fascinating.

Although the fate of the tsar and his family is a huge part of the story I am glad Rose didn't find it necessary to add any of the conspiracy theories about Anastasia. They are all dead and accounted for, despite how many frauds appeared and the misinformation that was spread by the Bolsheviks.

I like the way the author mixes historical fact with her supernatural elements.

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