Monday, 15 August 2016

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Is Kristoff a talented writer and does he know how to write a wicked fantasy? Yes, absolutely. However Nevernight wasn't a perfect read, despite being a good one.

The chapters in between Mia meeting Tric and the two of them reaching the church are superfluous, if not boring, and the only saving grace is the fact Mia meets Naev in those chapters.

A better edit and it would have been a compelling read from start to finish.Then there are the footnotes. Sometimes they fit into the narrative, but more often than not they interrupt the flow of the story. Less is more in this case.

Aside from that minor hiccup Nevernight is a really good read. It is filled with violence and quite a few scenes of a sexual nature, so I wouldn't peg this as a book for younger readers.

Mia wants to avenge her family, in fact that is her only drive in life. To achieve a specific type of status and training, which will allow her to kill the people who destroyed her family and tried to kill her.

She seeks entry to the Hogwarts School of murder and assassination, and to be completely fair she brings her own special brand of wizardry to the table. She travels with her own personal shadow. The type that protects, eats emotions and talks to her.

Is Mr Kindly a friend or a gateway into a world of even darker magic? The type of magic Mia doesn't really comprehend and I hope Kristoff will explore a little more in the next part of the Nevernight Chronicles.

The assassin curriculum is ruthless and volatile. A hardcore school for murderous misfits. You can get killed doing the tasks, taking part in the competitions and hey just randomly because you've given a fellow assassin the side-eye.

The ending was a spectacular bonanza of death, betrayal and pain . Loyalties are questioned and Mia learns some hard lessons.

I am looking forward to seeing how this series progresses.

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