Sunday, 7 August 2016

Fountain of Forever by K.D. Berry

The Fountain of Forever promises the gift of eternal youth. To turn back the years and make you young again, if you pay enough money.

People come from all over the country in a desperate attempt to regain some time and to live a little longer.Unfortunately it's all just a very elaborate scam, at least it is until Persephone turns up.

Speaking of turning back time, Vilnius is fleeing from his obligations. The payment for his wishes is still outstanding and the bailiff is hot on his heels. If that wasn't enough going on, Persephone is being hunted and temporal agents are afoot.

The time-traveller Merrivel also makes an appearance in this story. Readers may remember him from previous Berry novels.

Fate and time are changed and played with like pawns on a chess board in this story that mixes wit with fantasy and the fantastical. Berry likes to keep it funny and playful, whilst incorporating elements of mythology, fantasy and sci-fi.

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