Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Untouched: The Girl in the Box #2 by Robert J. Crane

This is the second book in the Girl in a Box series. It is an urban supernatural with a flair of dystopian fantasy. Crane doesn't disappoint with yet another fine example of his creative imagination.

The main character Sienna has finally figured out what her main meta power is, she is one of very few succubi.

Crane hasn't used the word succubus in the same sense as the usual contemporary paranormal/supernatural books. Sienna 'takes in' the people she overpowers and then by definition they become part of her.

This of course leaves the door open to a very interesting psychological dilemma and sub-plot. If the people she absorbs become part of her personality then that begs the question, who is making the decisions?

Are her actions based on her own choices or influenced by the ones within. Fascinating concept, which is delivered in an amusing and realistic way.

The internal dialogue becomes part of her expectations, despite who the person within her is, we find Sienna actually looking for the connection when it goes silent.

The plot follows a meta, who has gone beyond the point of redemption.

The main character feels sympathetic towards the plight of the troubled meta and of course this is the opposite of what is expected of her in the group she has accidentally aligned herself with. Again she is at war with her internal conflicts and supposed external obligations.

I am going to have to stop myself there, because as you can obviously tell, I liked the book so much I want to discuss it..a lot. So no more borderline spoilers.

I highly recommend giving the series a go, starting with Alone: The Girl in the Box #1.
I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author.

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