Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dangerous Dream by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

This digital short Dangerous Dream is a lead up to the Beautiful Creatures book Dangerous Creatures. This prequel introduces the story of Ridley and Link, or rather what happens to them when Ridley gets in over her head.

Dark Caster Ridley is a narcissistic diva with a heck of attitude and no regard at all for any casualties she leaves in her wake. She is quite simply a Siren.

Her elitist attitude is what gets her into a heap of trouble. Ridley ends up overestimating her own deck of cards and owing a very dangerous Caster a lot more than she is willing to give up.

Leading up to the actual introduction of the main plot of the next book the reader gets  to experiences all the characters at their graduation ceremony.

A wee bit of a half leg in and half a leg out, as far as creating a solid platform to introduce Dangerous Creatures. The game and Lennox scenes are enough to create interest, but they only take up a few pages.

The rest was and is rather weak for the purpose of creating hype for the book Dangerous Creatures..
I received a copy of this novella via NetGalley.

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