Friday 1 August 2014

Not Quite Perfect by Annie Lyons

The story gives one a real sense of the chaos, bustle and the unpredictability of life, especially when small children are thrown in the mix. The miniature humans in this tale could give the kids from the TV series Outnumbered a run for their money.

Speaking from experience I can say that the scenarios with children in this story, aren't unusual at all. One of mine used to be a bit of a Lily, and I also believed in letting her explore her own sense of fashion, much to her grandmothers chagrin and more often than not to my horror. I would like to say that she grew out of it, needless to say she is still a walking fashion statement now at 21, although I still quite uncertain of which particular statement we are trying to make.

As the mother of small children life can often seem like a whirlwind episode on the Harry Potter ghost bus, travelling at high speeds with no stops and many bumps in the road. The adult or mother, who was previously the career gal suddenly becomes just so and so’s mom.

First names cease to exist, personalities get lost, and the relationships between husband and wife are often put on hold until the kiddy stress dies down a little. Not all marriages cope with the extreme pressure of child rearing and family life. A lot crumble under the pressure.

Rachel seems to be losing sight of her relationship within the busy and chaotic life they have built for themselves and Emma thinks she is living in one of the books she helps to edit. Both of them need a wake-up call and unfortunately there is one heading right in their direction.

The author has added an unexpected plot twist, one that I found very emotional and indeed it made me cry. Perhaps because it hits upon a fear or apprehension I have about something I know is inevitable, but have no idea how I will handle the situation when it arises.

I think one of the strengths of this book is Lyons portrayal of a realistic family setting. There are no perfect relationships, encounters or family dynamics for that matter. The reality is none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes.

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