Thursday 14 August 2014

Power: The Girl in the Box #10 by Robert J. Crane

It has been a long tumultuous road, filled with death, torture, pain and hardship, and that was just the fun side of things.

The girl we met in book 1 Alone has grown into a young woman.

A leader of people, a killer of all that dares stand in her way, and above all she has finally caught the end of the tigers tail she has been chasing.

An understanding of why, when, who and the what the hell for, and the knowledge to destroy the one person who created all the questions in the first place.

After all Sienna has been through, after all she has lost, and those hits just keep on coming like a shark hunting bait, will she be able to peer through the screen of destruction and see the light? Will she succumb to the ultimate power and the life being offered to her on a silver platter?

Jigsaw pieces come together to make the picture complete. Unanswered nagging questions from the very first few pages of the series are answered ten-fold and more.

Sovereign decides to try a different tack to convince Sienna. His actions create suspicion, disbelief and then a dangerous level of acceptance and complacency seeps in to the minds around him. The enemy becomes friend, the foe become a divided Korea and Sienna's merry bunch of hybrids become a tad confused.

Sienna wouldn't be such a popular character if she didn't throw us for a loop and make a leap in the complete opposite direction. In the end she is complete. The past has taught her well and she is able to envisage not only the future, but also finally understands the connection between herself and Andromeda.

Of course the same goes for Crane, he also wouldn't be such a popular author if he didn't know exactly how to keep his readers on their toes and guessing backwards like an episode of Jeopardy does Metas.

The end of the book holds a surprise revelation in regards to Sienna's fate. Unexpected to say the least. I have enjoyed and devoured each and every word of this series. Kudos to Crane for that.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author.

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