Monday 9 October 2023

#Blogtour The Babysitter by Emma Curtis

It's a pleasure to take part in the Blogtour The Babysitter by Emma Curtis.

About the Author

Emma Curtis was born in Brighton and now lives in London with her husband. After raising two children and working various jobs, her fascination with the darker side of domestic life inspired her to start writing psychological suspense thrillers. She has published five previous titles with Transworld:  One Little Mistake, When I Find You, The Night You Left, Keep Her Quiet and Invite Me In. Follow @emmacurtisbooks on X (the artist formerly known as Twitter).

About the book

Three women. Three secrets. - Claudia's life imploded ten years ago when she was convicted of the murder of her child. Now she has done the unthinkable and confessed to manslaughter in order to be granted parole - her only hope of finding out what really happened to Tilly.

Sara is married to Joe, Claudia's ex-husband, and they have a young child together. She finally has everything she ever wanted, but Claudia's release threatens the perfect life she has created.

Anna was the babysitter who let Claudia and Joe down on day their daughter disappeared. Married with a child of her own, Claudia's reappearance in her quiet cul-de-sac is an unwelcome surprise.

These three women are tied together in more ways than they realize. But only one of them is capable of killing.


Admittedly, this did not start the way I expected it to - it's an excellent opening gambit. So simple and yet so consuming. The mother who will question ever moment, every person and each interaction going forward. Was there something obvious that could have changed the outcome of the evening?

Who could have imagined that one moment of assumption would lead to an endless horror of a nightmare. Claudia is stuck in time with a lack of answers whilst Anna has moved one, and Sara has more or less slid into the open space created by a tragedy.

There is an interesting moment towards the end, it sort of solidifies the state of mind of the perpetrator. Excuse as an explanation. If you hadn't then I wouldn't have had to. It's a very specific logic when they assign blame to a certain order of events. It's a special kind of manipulation I think, because it automatically kickstarts a thought process that makes the innocent party question their own actions. Just imagine if you hadn't done x before z.

It's a riveting and complex dark domestic psychological thriller, one that would work well as a mini series. Imagine the diversions, the sleight of hand, and ultimately the lack of real consequence, but hopefully eventually the truth.

Buy The Babysitter at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Corvus | Paperback Original £8.99, Pub Date: 12 October 2023. Also available in e-book. Buy at Amazon com.

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