Friday 3 March 2023

#Blogtour Twist of Fate by D.L. Mark

 It's a pleasure to take part in the Blogtour Twist of Fate by D.L. Mark - a crime steeped in something dark and sinister.


About the Author

D.L. Mark spent more than fifteen years as a journalist, including seven years as a crime reporter with the Yorkshire Post. His writing is heavily influenced by the court cases he covered: the jaded police officers; incompetent investigators; the inertia of the justice system and the grief of those touched by tragedy. He writes psychological suspense thrillers and historical novels, plus the DS McAvoy series (as David Mark). Follow D.L. Mark at @davidmarkwriter and

About the book

She says he's a victim. They say he's a killer. - When an armed man massacres several people in central London, Claudine witnesses the whole thing. To her horror, one of the victims is her brother, Jethro.

Riven by grief, Claudine retreats to the house in the Fens where she and Jethro grew up. When the police contact her, she is left reeling when they tell her Jethro orchestrated the attack.

Why would a gentle, if troubled, middle-aged man cause such bloodshed – and why would he include himself in the list of victims?

Claudine finds herself down a rabbit hole of mystery, caught up in Jethro's research on a medieval cult. If she can't solve the riddle in time, more people will die... and the darkness will claim her too.


How are the vicious events linked to frightening episode a few decades ago? What does a murderous squelching presence have in common with the bloody massacre in central London.

A surprise visit between siblings, albeit an unwilling one from Claudine's perspective, turns into a nightmare that changes her life forever. Does it make her more open and susceptible to what is out there? When she starts digging into the truth behind the tragic events she finds out things she isn't ready to take on board and certainly doesn't comprehend.

It's dark crime thriller with elements of supernatural and a tinge of horror. The power of self persuasion or something more evil this way comes? A story where innocence is merely a face to wear in public while the voice and atmosphere of evil lurks in plain sight just waiting to emerge the world in darkness.

I recommend also reading books by this author under the slightly changed other name he publishes under - definitely worth a gander. The DS McAvoy series is very good.

Buy Twist of Fate at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Head of Zeus: pub date 02 March 2023 - Paperback * £9.99 Buy at Amazon com.

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