Monday 18 October 2021

#BlogTour Reunion by R.V. Biggs

It's my turn on the BlogTour Reunion by R.V. Biggs - the second book in the Sarah Macintyre series.

About the Author

R V Biggs lives in a small ex-mining village near Wolverhampton, England, with his wife Julie and Mags the black lab. He has four grown up children and eight grandchildren. Walking with the dog is a favourite pastime and much of the story line for his first novel was developed during these lengthy outings.

Robert worked for 35 years in telecommunications but changed career paths to a managerial supporting role within a local Mental Health National Health Service trust. It was during the period between these roles that the concept for his first novel was born.

Robert is a firm believer that destiny and co-incidence exist hand in hand and this conviction extends to his writing. He has a passion for holistic well-being and after first-hand experience of the potential healing powers of Reiki, a form of energy therapy, took a Reiki level 1 training course to heighten his spiritual awareness. 

Robert’s experiences in these areas helped conceive the ideas that led to Song of the Robin and its sequels Reunion and Broken, novels with central themes of fate, love, and the strength of family. His writing is not fantasy however but is set in modern times involving real people living real lives. Follow RVBiggs on Facebook, Visit

About the book

One random, violent act is enough to change Sarah Macintyre's life forever. Left unsettled, and yearning for a new beginning, Sarah is unsure of what to do with her life. But one day she discovers an anonymous letter hidden amidst a pile of unopened mail. The note, however, contains nothing more than a confusing riddle. Intrigued and excited, Sarah’s hunger for a new life compels her to search for the author to understand the puzzle and solve the mystery.

Embarking on a journey that will shape the rest of her life and that of her family, Sarah uncovers a past of which she had no knowledge, a present she must find a path through, and a future filled with intense grief and utmost joy.


In this second book in the Sarah Macintyre series, Sarah is still coming to terms with the traumatic events that changed her life and the way she perceives life.

Since the event (sorry, I'm being purposely cagey for those haven't read the first book in the series), she often feels as if there is someone or something there. Feels touches, movements, pressure to parts of her body - a connection that wasn't there previously. A new world has opened up, but it has also brought unanswered questions and secrets with it.

I think the two stories, the past and present collide as opposed to sliding smoothly into the narrative. The spirituality, the essence of something inexplicable perhaps supernatural or the shadow of memories reverberating in the present. There is a lot going on - it could do with more direction.

At times it feels as if the need to weave the philosophy and beliefs of spirituality into the story with such a vehemence that it's to the detriment of the story itself. I think I was more invested in the short moments with Amber than the majority with Sarah.

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