Tuesday 31 August 2021

#BlogTour What Lies Buried by Kerry Daynes

It's my turn on the BlogTour What Lies Buried by Kerry Daynes

About the Author

Kerry Daynes is a registered Consultant Forensic Psychologist with over twenty years' experience of working on the frontline of forensic psychology. She was often invited to act as psychological specialist in major police investigations and as a trusted advisor to the British government regarding the safe management of high-risk individuals. 

Part of her day job still involves acting as an expert witness in court, for parole boards and training the police. But rather than feeling compromised and frustrated within the system, she now spends the majority of her time trying to affect change from the outside - as an engaging speaker and as an advocate for better conversations around crime, justice and mental health. She is a patron of the National Centre for Domestic Violence and Talking2Minds and, as a victim of stalking herself, acts as a spokeswoman for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust's stalking related campaigns.

Kerry is the person the TV networks turn to for expert commentary. Highly respected and known for her knowledgeable but personable delivery and sparky personality, she has contributed to numerous high-profile documentaries. These have been shown on BBC, ITV, C5, The History Channel, Discovery, CBS Reality, The Crime & Investigation Network, BBC International and more. She is also 'The Profiler' in the award-nominated series Faking It.

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About the book

Kerry Daynes, leading forensic psychologist, takes us into the murky world of psychological investigation to uncover what lies buried. Each of her clients is classed as a 'mentally disordered criminal offender' whose psychological problems have contributed to them breaking the law.

Whether she is dealing with a young murderer who says he has heard voices telling him to kill, a teacher who daubs children in red paint and threatens to abduct them, or an aspiring serial killer who faints at the sight of blood, Kerry's quest is to delve beyond the classic question asked of forensic psychologists: 'Are they mad or are they bad?'

In her new book, Kerry provides an unflinching, enlightening and provocative insight into the minds of her clients, shedding light on the root causes of their behaviour.


Daynes shines a really bright light on the glaring inadequacies of the justice system, especially when it comes to femicide. The provocation angle seems to be lopsided - oh wait let me rephrase that - it is stacked against women and for men, which is yet another product of a patriarchal society. The hard fought for change in legislation still isn't adequate enough when the systemic abuse and violation of one gender is ingrained and excused in equal measures in our society.

The truth is that despite changes there are real failings in the system when it comes to violence and abuse against women and children. There can be no real justice if perpetrators are getting slaps on the wrist and go on to reoffend, especially when there is scope for defense in the form of victim blaming. 

I enjoyed The Dark Side of the Mind, but I thought this one really hit a nerve. It made me feel powerless and angry all at the same time - it is a compelling read. I agree that the narrative surrounding mental health has to change, the way health professionals view, deal with, diagnose and engage with mental health. Including rephrasing and perhaps embracing new terminology. I can't wait for the next book, Daynes lifts the veil on a world hidden beneath many misconceptions.

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