Tuesday 15 June 2021

#BlogTour The Awful Truth about the Herbert Quarry Affair by Marco Ocram

 It's a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour The Awful Truth about the Herbert Quarry Affair by Marco Ocram.

About the Author

Little is known of Marco Ocram’s earliest years. He was adopted at age nine, having been found abandoned in a Detroit shopping mall—a note taped to his anorak said the boy was threatening the sanity of his parents. Re-abandoned in the same mall a year later, with a similar note from his foster parents, he was homed with his current Bronx mom—a woman with no sanity left to threaten.

Ocram first gained public attention through his bold theories about a new fundamental particle—the Tao Muon—which he popularized in a best-selling book—The Tao Muon. He was introduced to the controversial literary theorist, Herbert Quarry, who coached Ocram in a radical new approach to fiction, in which the author must write without thinking—a technique to which Ocram was naturally suited. His crime memoir, The Awful Truth about the Herbert Quarry Affair, became the fastest selling book of all time, and made him a household name. It was translated into every known language—and at least three unknown ones—and made into an Oscar-winning film, a Pulitzer-winning play, a Tony-winning musical, and a Golden Joystick-winning computer game.

Ocram excelled at countless sports until a middle-ear problem permanently impaired his balance. He has yet to win a Nobel Prize, but his agent, Barney, has been placing strategic back-handers—announcements from Stockholm are expected soon. Unmarried, in spite of his Bronx mom’s tireless efforts, he still lives near his foster parents in New York. 

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About the book

With a jangle of keys, a door opened. Herbert clanked in, his arms locked to his sides, his ankles shackled, his face a Hannibal Lecter mask. He was overjoyed to see me.

“Marco, I’m jailed day and night with murderous thugs who can’t tell Schiller from Shakespeare. I’m desperate for intellectual stimulus—but you’ll do for now.” 

TV personality Marco Ocram is the world’s only self-penned character, writing his life in real time as you read it. Marco’s celebrity mentor, Herbert Quarry, grooms him to be the Jackson Pollock of literature, teaching him to splatter words on a page without thought or revision.

Quarry’s plan backfires when imbecilic Marco begins to type his first thought-free book: it’s a murder mystery—and Herbert’s caught red-handed near the butchered body of his lover.

Now Marco must write himself into a crusade to clear his friend’s name. Typing the first words that come into his head, Marco unleashes a phantasmagorical catalogue of twists in his pursuit of justice, writing the world’s fastest-selling book to reveal the awful truth about the Herbert Quarry affair


Tongue-in-cheek comes to mind. A satirical view on the work, life and times of an author. His books are his life in real time and very much a work in progress. One could say it happens as he writes it or because he writes it. He is the author of his own literary escapades and destiny, and unfortunately for everyone else, also of theirs.

At the start of each chapter Marco Marco, oh sorry Ocram, discusses writing strategy with his mentor Herbert Quarry. The same Herbert who ends up in the middle of the strategy that will determine success. The man who yields the sword is the servant who becomes the master. In fact it wouldn't be too far off to say he uses his status and power to create this convoluted, and yet highly entertaining read.

Ocram is the eccentric uncle, the mad scientist of the literary world, however he is also the wordsmith who wields his words with a veracity and precision worthy of the finest of critics.

I wasn't entirely sure where to put this at first. An anagram of sorts describes events as they happen, sometimes despite being told not to use certain tools of the trade or tropes to drive the story, and instead derives pleasure from doing exactly what is expected of him by the industry. Make no mistake it is both a story and a deconstruction of the art of telling a story. 

It's an incredibly clever concept which will possibly not get the recognition it deserves, because it is also the kind of read you have to be willing to embrace in its entirety. I liked it. Now tell me who you are. I want more.

Buy The Awful Truth about the Herbert Quarry Affair at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher ‏: ‎Tiny Fox Press pub date 15 Jun. 2021. Buy at Amazon com.

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