Thursday, 7 January 2021

#BloggerDay Get A Grip, Love by Kate Lucey


About the book

Exploring the science behind mental illness and its treatment, and including stories from a number of sufferers of depression and anxiety disorders, Get a Grip, Love provides a witty, razor-sharp exploration of mental health, and a no-nonsense guide that explains where the advice to ‘go for a run’, ’stay off social media’ or ‘make some new friends’ comes from. It separates the facts from the fiction about what could work, speaks openly about how it feels to live with a mental health disorder, and demonstrates that it’s ok to feel the way that we do when we’re struggling, and that we certainly don’t need to get a grip.

Funny, irreverent, and understandable, Get a Grip, Love recognises that depression sucks, but that together, we can get through it. 


Although it may not seem like it, because of the snarky and condescending tone, the title of the book is the perfect way to demonstrate certain attitudes towards mental health. If you haven't lived with a mental health issue it's often hard to comprehend how debilitating it can be. As someone with a close family member who has clinical depression I have often had to explain, defend and keep that person safe, due to the lack of understanding of others.

What Lucey does with an acerbic wit and debilitating self examination of mental health issues, is open the doors to a very closed off topic. It's not meant to be a pleasant experience or to make the reader feel better - it's supposed to inform and help give some insight into the daily battle with an all encompassing darkness.

I can't say how often I have heard common tropes used in relation to depression, which comes from a general misunderstanding of the physical and psychological torture and toil of depression. Comments and phrases that only serve to humiliate and question the person who is already going through hell, and often teetering on the brink of ending it all.

I can only recommend it. It might be very dark in places, although the snark helps and gives it a little light at times, however it is an extremely well informed piece of work. It might give a slightly different perspective on a personal battle or someone else who is going through their own daily fight with mental health issues. I can truly say it was an eye-opener for me in certain places.

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