Saturday 13 June 2020

#BlogTour The Summer We Ran Away by Jenny Oliver

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour The Summer We Ran Away by Jenny Oliver.

About the Author
Jenny Oliver is a bestselling author of contemporary fiction. She has been an elf in the Disney Store, a personal trainer, journalist, editor and, by far the best, a writer. Twice nominated for the RNA Best Contemporary Novel award, Jenny’s books explore the ups and downs of relationships and an unwavering belief in happily ever after. In her spare time, she can be found cajoling her family out to car boot sales, trying to reign in her competitiveness on the netball court and subtly eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations as inspiration for her next book.

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About the book
It was meant to be the party of the summer…
In Cedar Road, everyone is preparing for Lexi’s ‘White Hot’ summer party. For one night, parking squabbles and petitions are put aside as neighbours sip Prosecco under the fairy lights and gather by the hot tub to marvel at Lexi’s effortlessly glamorous life with Hot Hamish.

For Julia, it’s a chance to coax husband Charlie out of his potting shed and into a shirt so they can have a welcome break from the hellish house renovation they’ve been wrestling with. And it’s a chance for Julia to pretend – just for a night – that her life is as perfect as Lexi’s.

But when, during the party, one of Julia’s WhatsApp messages falls into the wrong hands and reveals her most intimate thoughts, things reach boiling point…
And when all the neighbours know exactly what you’re thinking, there’s only one thing to do. Run away.

Julia spends the majority of the time trying to be like someone else. Buying the same clothes, shoes and doing the same activities. When her neighbour Lexi says jump she asks how high. Julia also has an unhealthy obsession about her neighbour's husband. The kind that gets her pulse rising.

At a summer garden party everything goes pear-shaped when one of her racy Whatsapp messages gets sent to the wrong people. Suddenly everything she thought was important becomes nothing more than white noise. Her husband is devastated and her friends aren't so friendly anymore.

She ends up on a spontaneous trip that not only opens up her eyes, it also gives her an entirely new perspective on her marriage and life in general.

It's women's fiction, a story of finding yourself and friendship where you least expect it.

Oliver creates an interesting like-for-like picture when it comes to women and the way they often take their high school personas out into the big world with them. Mean girls become even meaner women and their victims often need a rude awakening to comprehend that they no longer have to live with the imbalance of power.

Learning to appreciate what you have and experience life the way you want it, as opposed to the way others may want you to experience life is just one of the messages in this book.

Buy The Summer We Ran Away at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: HQ; pub date 11 Jun. 2020. Buy at Amazon com. Buy at Waterstones.

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