Thursday 23 April 2020

#BlogTour Broken Silence by Liz Mistry

Today it's a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour Broken Silence, the second part in the DS Nikki Parekh series, by Liz Mistry.

About the Author
Liz Mistry has signed a three book deal for a new series with HQ Digital, a Harper Collins imprint. The first in the series was Last Request, which was released in October 2019. Broken Silence is the second book and will be released April 2020. The series features a feisty mixed-race DS called Nikki Parekh and is set in Bradford.

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About the book
When DS Felicity Springer is reported missing after a police training conference, the countdown to find her begins…

On her way home after an exhausting weekend, with colleagues she can’t wait to escape, Felicity notices something odd about the white van in front of her. A hand has punched through the car’s rear light and is frantically waving, trying to catch her attention.

Desperate to help, Felicity dials 999 and calls it in. But whilst on the phone, she loses control of the car on the icy road, crashing straight into the vehicle ahead. Pinned in the seat and unable to move, Felicity feels a sudden whoosh of cold air across her face. Someone has opened the passenger door… and they have a gun.

With Felicity missing and no knowledge of whether she is dead or alive, DS Nikki Parekh and DC Sajid Malik race to find their friend and colleague.

But Felicity was harbouring a terrible secret, and with her life now hanging in the balance, Nikki can only hope that someone will come forward and break the silence…

The tables are turned in this second part of the DS Nikki Parekh series, both of which can be read as standalone crime reads. Where DS Springer was very much the enemy in Last Request and almost obsessively determined to bring Parekh to heel and perhaps even destroy her career - this time it is up to Parekh to find and if possible save Springer.

It's almost ironic how Springer starts to make choices based on what she thinks Parekh might do in a similar situation. The other woman, the colleague she has treated with disdain becomes the person to emulate. Strength, determination and an incalculable will to survive the ordeal are what keep Stringer fighting. If she survives, will it change the way she perceives and interacts with Parekh?

It's an urban crime read with a fresh gritty feel. The main characters says what she feels and sometimes she feels like she doesn't give two monkeys about a woman who tried to destroy her, but now needs her help.

Mistry mixes modern crime with the challenges of gender inequality in the police force. The treatment of those who don't fit into the men's club idea of what a cop should be, and the women who help to perpetuate the problem. Acting like one of the boys doesn't mean you are one.

I have to say kudos to the sub-plot that flows subtly along with the main one. The indifference, the shame, the audacity of the event and the way each individual responds to it was an interesting way to solidify certain points.

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