Thursday 6 February 2020

#BlogBlitz One: Rage Vengeance Murder by K.J. McGillick

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour One: Rage Vengeance Murder by K.J. McGillick.
About the Author
K. J. McGillick was born in New York and once she started to walk she never stopped running. But that's what New Yorker's do. Right? A Registered Nurse, a lawyer now author.

As she evolved so did her career choices. After completing her graduate degree in nursing, she spent many years in the university setting sharing the dreams of the enthusiastic nursing students she taught. After twenty rewarding years in the medical field she attended law school and has spent the last twenty-four years as an attorney helping people navigate the turbulent waters of the legal system. Not an easy feat. And now? Now she is sharing the characters she loves with readers hoping they are intrigued by her twisting and turning plots and entertained by her writing.

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About the book
A stolen life. A Faustian bargain. Prey becomes predator.

Azar Abed is out for revenge for the life Dr. Adrian Armond stole from her. No matter what the cost. Adrien Armond will stop at nothing to recover the massive fortune Azar Abed embezzled from him. Neither will walk away until the other is dead. Someone’s going to die, that is for certain.

Personal revenge gets caught up in a bio-terror plot to crash the world’s economy as darkness spirals into darkness and terror is the order of the day. Azar Abed and Adrien Armond are on a collision course that could have catastrophic consequences on a global scale.

Who will kill who first? Will it be enough? Can anyone stop the bio-terror plot to destroy the world’s economy that is already in motion? Does anyone have enough humanity left even to try?

Set against a backdrop of Washington, DC, ONE is a heart pounding-psychological thriller pitting greed against greed in a cat-and-mouse game where vengeance is the only prize. It can be read as a standalone, or as the conclusion to events begun in its predecessor, TWO. It concludes the Path of Deception and Betrayal series.

This book brings the Path of Deception and Betrayal series to a conclusion. Each book can be read as a standalone novel.

This one reverts back to the more charming, playful and amusing atmosphere, and dialogue, of Three, whereas Two is brutal and vicious. One brings previous plots and characters together to culminate in a cleverly constructed crescendo.

Azar is plotting the downfall of Armond, who quite frankly deserves some kind of punishment at this point. He always seems to slither past any retribution or legal intervention with the ease of a snake in thick foliage.

Simultaneously Azar and Armond are intent on destroying each other, but are less interested in the ramifications for anyone else. An insidious plot to take down the economy on a global scale and throw the world into chaos, thereby causing mass destruction - is the result of ambitious planning. The kind that can only be born of a mind seething with anger.

The wild card in this setting is Mary, the private eye with plenty of smarts and information, who is always underestimated because she is probably the least likely to be thought any kind of threat. That's a grave mistake to make of course.

It's a crime thriller with ruthless criminals, who begin to eat their own tails.

McKillick has created an interesting trilogy in a sense that although the books are connected by plot and characters, they are also individual experiences from a reading perspective. The fact each one has different type of style and approach definitely speaks to that.

Buy One: Rage Vengeance Murder ( A Path of Deception and Betrayal #3) at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer.  Publisher: KJRM Publishing LLC; pub date 25 April 2018. Buy at Amazon com.

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