Monday 20 January 2020

#BlogTour Right Behind You by Rachel Abbott

Today it's an absolute pleasure to take part in the BlogTour Right Behind You by Rachel Abbott.
About the Author
Rachel Abbott’s debut thriller, Only the Innocent, was an international bestseller, reaching the number one position in the Amazon charts both in the UK and US. This was followed by the number one bestselling novels The Back Road, Sleep Tight, Stranger Child, Nowhere Child (a short novel based on the characters from Stranger Child), Kill Me Again, The Sixth Window, Come a Little Closer and And So It Begins. Her most recent novel, The Shape of Lies, was released in February 2019.

Rachel’s novels have now been translated into over 20 languages and her books have sold over 3 million copies in the English language.

In 2015 Amazon celebrated the first five years of the Kindle in the UK, and announced that Rachel was the #1 bestselling independent author over the five-year period. She was also placed #14 in the chart of all authors. Stranger Child was the most borrowed novel for the Kindle in the first half of 2015.

Rachel splits her time between Alderney – a beautiful island off the coast of France – and the Le Marche region of Italy, where she is able to devote all her time to writing fiction. For more information, see Rachel’s website, or follow her on Twitter.

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About the book
Some doors should not be opened.
Some can never be closed.

Jo Palmer’s peaceful and happy life is about to end.

Ash – the man she loves – will be arrested by the police.
Millie – her precious daughter – will be taken from her.

She will lose her friends.
She will doubt her sanity.

Someone is stealing everything Jo loves, and will stop at nothing.

But right now, Jo is laughing in her kitchen, eating dinner with her family, suspecting nothing.

It’s raining outside.

There’s a knock on the door. They are here.

I can imagine plenty of people making a resolution to double-check credentials and call the police for confirmation if they are ever placed in the same situation as Jo. Being confronted by the possibility that your husband has done something heinous is one thing, but having to hand over your child because of it is quite another matter altogether. Then finding out you have been cruelly tricked by the people you trust the most, well it changes life as Jo knows it - forever.

The realisation that her child has been taken is so much worse than the fact her husband has gone too. Her vulnerable frightened little girl must be terrified, that's all Jo can think about. When it becomes clear that her husband and perhaps even one of her friends could be involved, Jo starts to get paranoid.

DCI Tom Douglas and Becky are on the case, but it's fair to say that Tom is a little distracted. He is about to become a father again and his brother muddies the waters for Tom again, both professionally and personally. It leaves Tom in a position of having to make a choice.

It's a psychological and domestic crime thriller. The author uses the intense and complex emotional ties within patchwork families to lay the groundwork for this read. Tom and his family always play some part in the Douglas series, however the main storyline would have survived without so much emphasis on them. If you've never read anything by Abbott before then I can only highly recommend you give her a try.

Buy Right Behind You at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Black Dot Publishing; pub date 16 Jan. 2020. Buy at Amazon com.

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