Monday 14 October 2019

#BlogTour Doing Time by Jodi Taylor

Today it's the start of the BlogTour Doing Time by Jodi Taylor.
About the Author
Jodi Taylor is the internationally bestselling author of the Chronicles of St Mary's series, the story of a bunch of disaster-prone individuals who investigate major historical events in contemporary time. Do NOT call it time travel!

Born in Bristol and now living in Gloucester (facts both cities vigorously deny), she spent many years with her head somewhere else, much to the dismay of family, teachers and employers, before finally deciding to put all that daydreaming to good use and write a novel. Nearly twenty books later, she still has no idea what she wants to do when she grows up.

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About the book
Introducing The Time Police, the brand-new series by international bestselling author, Jodi Taylor - an irresistible spinoff from the much-loved Chronicles of St Mary’s series. Perfect reading for fans of Doctor Who, Ben Aaronovitch and Jasper Fforde.

A long time ago in the future, the secret of time travel became known to all. Everyone seized the opportunity - and the world nearly ended. There will always be idiots who want to change history. And so, the Time Police were formed. An all-powerful, international organisation tasked with keeping the timeline straight. At all costs. Their success is legendary, and the Time Wars are over. But now the Time Police must fight to save a very different future - their own.

This is the story of Jane, Luke and Matthew - arguably the worst recruits in Time Police history. Or, very possibly, three young people who might just change everything.

For me this had a very specific brand of humour. The kind of dry humour that's in Hot Fuzz and The World's End (someone in my household has a thing for Simon Pegg comedies atm). It sometimes flies over the head, because it is subtle or people just don't get the snark.

The Time Police are sent back into time to keep timelines straight and to ensure that history isn't changed or thrown off-track. They are sent to stop time-criminals and to intervene before the worst case scenario happens.

The Time Police have a serious job to do, and yet our special team is newly qualified and perhaps more of a pain in the butt to the powers that be than said powers will admit. One gets the feeling they are not only expecting them to mess up, but are actually hoping they end up causing a catastrophe.
In particular Luke's father hopes he makes his mark and grows up a bit, and yet simultaneously he expects him to fail.

It's science-fiction, a futuristic time-challenging premise that can be read by both young and older readers. It's straightforward, filled with a slapstick and snarky kind of humour. It would have been interesting to wade into the dangers and perhaps even merits of playing with time. Saying that, I think Taylor likes to give readers a lighthearted, easy and amusing read, which is indeed the case.

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