Monday 23 September 2019

#BlogTour One by One by D.W. Gillespie

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour One by One by D.W. Gillespie.
About the Author
A long time fan of all things dark and spooky, D.W. Gillespie began writing monstrous stories while still in grade school. At one point, his mother asked the doctor if there was anything she should be concerned about, and he assured her that some kids just like stories about decapitations.

He's been writing on and off for over a decade, quietly building a body of work that includes horror and dark sci-fi. His novels include Still Dark, The Toy Thief, and a short story collection titled Handmade Monsters.

He lives in Tennessee with his wife and two kids, all three of which give him an endless supply of things to write about.

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About the book
The Easton family has just moved into their new fixer-upper, a beautiful old house that they bought at a steal, and Alice, the youngest of the family, is excited to explore the strange, new place. Her excitement turns to growing dread as she discovers a picture hidden under the old wallpaper, a child’s drawing of a family just like hers.

Soon after, members of the family begin to disappear, each victim marked on the child’s drawing with a dark black X. It’s up to her to unlock the grim mystery of the house before she becomes the next victim.

Gillespie likes to play with his readers, entice them into a game of cat and mouse. He creates a steady increase of tension as the plot evolves from a simple house move to a frightening horror scenario.

The Easton family all have quite different reactions to moving into the rundown house they intend to restore back to its full potential. Young Alice can't wait to explore the house, but excitement turns to confusion and then fear when she discovers something creepy on one of the walls in the house.

Let's talk about the evolution of Alice as a person and a character. The way she starts out as a timid little girl, who is left the last one standing, but ends up finding her inner strength. She overcomes her fears to protect her family and herself by facing the unknown and the mysterious

This is a lot more structured and finely plotted than the first book I read by this author, The Toy Thief (also a good read). There is a lot more emphasis on the surroundings, the atmosphere and the details that enhance the story and the characters.

It's a tense mystery with a horror vibe, a read driven by suspense, expectation and the unknown. I think Gillespie is just getting started. He is honing his skills as an author, which is certainly evident in this story.

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