Friday 30 August 2019

#BlogTour Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid. It's a dark psychological thriller, a manipulative game of emotions and secrets.
About the Author
Rebecca is a freelance journalist. She is a columnist for the Telegraph Women’s section,
works for Metro Online and has written for Marie Claire, the Guardian, the Saturday
Telegraph, the Independent, Stylist, Glamour, the iPaper, the Guardian, Indy100, LOOK
and the New Statesmen amongst others.

Rebecca is a regular contributor to Sky News and ITV’s This Morning as well as appearing
on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, LBC, BBC News 24 and the BBC World Service to discuss her

She graduated from Royal Holloway’s Creative Writing MA in 2015 and Perfect Liars is her
debut novel. Rebecca lives in North London with her husband.

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About the book
Poppy has a secret.
It was a whirlwind romance. And when Drew, caught up in the moment, suggests that he
and Poppy don’t tell each other anything about their past lives, that they live only for the
here and now, for the future they are building together, Poppy jumps at the chance for a
fresh start.
Drew says he has nothing to hide.
But it doesn’t take long for Poppy to see that this is a two-way deal. Drew is hiding
something from her. And Poppy suddenly has no idea who the man she has married really
is, what he is hiding from her or what he might be capable of.
Drew is lying.
Which is more dangerous, a secret or a lie?

Reading this made me want to go back and read Perfect Liars again. Reid really knows how to write a wicked plot.

The story is presented in flashbacks and the present. At first it appears to be the lives of two separate people, but as the tale unravels the truth becomes clearer. Poppy meets Drew in a bar in the middle of a crisis. She has just been fired and hasn't got two cents to rub together to get home. A few weeks later her she has gone from downstairs to upstairs. Is it all too good to be true?

The author, whether it be through research or personal experience, describes the relationship between au-pairs or nannies and their employers accurately. The upstairs, downstairs mentality of those who can afford to hire people to help raise their children. Some of them think nothing of paying a mere pittance for a 24/7 nanny who is also expected to cook, clean, shop and play waitress. It's often those with wealth and reputations to uphold who are tighter than a nun's knicker.

Then Reid takes the plot further by adding the element of suggestive situations in an environment where a third person is intruding upon the family dynamics. Ask yourself whether you would consider physical beauty a valid reason not to hire a nanny? Does that mean you are insecure or is it just a question of if temptation is dangled in front of someone's face often enough then eventually temptation will probably win? Food for thought.

I'm going to be purposely vague about where the author takes her readers with this story. I loved it, but then I do have a thing for cracking plots with a twist of wicked and a slice of evil. I'll have mine on the rocks please.

It's a dark psychological thriller, a manipulative game of emotions and secrets.

Buy Truth Hurts at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Transworld Digital pub date 27 Aug. 2019. Buy at Amazon com.

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