Monday 24 June 2019

#BlogTour Angenga by John Broughton

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour Angenga by John Broughton. It's historical fiction with an element of time travel.
About the Author
John Broughton was born in Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire, studied at the local grammar school and went on to take an honours degree in Medieval and Modern History at the University of Nottingham, where he also studied Archaeology.

John retired in January 2014 and chose the period that fascinates him most – the Anglo-Saxon period – as the setting for his first historical novel, ‘The Purple Thread’, followed by Wyrd of the Wolf. He published Saints and Sinners and Mixed Blessings with Endeavour Media. Sward and Sword are scheduled to be published autumn 2019.

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About the book
When Rick Hughes receives a reliquary pendant as a gift from an old friend, he has no idea what's coming next.

Drawn to an old excavation site, Rick stumbles upon a portal that takes him back to the 8th century, and in the middle of a Viking invasion.

After discovering a shocking link to the present, Rick is determined to intervene and save the inhabitants of the village from devastation - and to find a scientific explanation for what is happening.

With the perils of 8th century England surrounding him, can Rick save his new friends and live to tell the tale?

There is something that draws the majority of us to explore and discover the past. Is it an innate instinct, a subconscious thread between ourselves and our ancestors? Between us and the people who have created and existed on the same earth, walked the same paths before us.

Imagine if you found a link that connects the present and the past, even if by accident. If you were pulled into a past where you would automatically become the most knowledgeable person about the future, bearing in mind they might burn you at the stake depending on which era you wander into, would you keep stumm about what's coming. Or would you meddle to save lives or perhaps steer history that hasn't happened yet in the 'right' direction?

Rick finds a link, albeit with the help of his friend Gary, the avid metal-detectorist. A reliquary pendant awakens an interest in the excavation site, which in turn leads Rick to something completely unexpected.

Unlike many other people, who would probably be more focused on the who, what and where, Rick is fascinated by the how and why. The need to explain how it's possible.

It's historical fiction with an element of time travel. A venture into the past that throws the life of the main character into a state of confusion.

Perhaps what remains is a space-time continuum and of course the question is whether what Rick and company set in motion was always meant to be or did they change history? If so, what about the butterfly effect? If that doesn't apply then are we back to everything is predetermined, which would mean there was always a plan for Rick to travel back into time. Let me just leave you with that mind-boggle.

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