Friday 12 April 2019

#BlogTour Downfall by Will Jordan

It's my turn on the BlogTour Downfall by Will Jordan. It's book 8 in the popular Ryan Drake thriller series. It's military, spy and action genre all rolled into one exciting fast-paced read.

About the Author
Will Jordan’s Ryan Drake novels draw on extensive research into weapons and tactics, as well as the experiences of men who’ve fought in some of the world’s most daunting combat zones. Other books in the series include Redemption, Sacrifice and Betrayal. He lives in Fife, Scotland, with his wife and sons.

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About the book
‘My name is Ryan Drake and this is just the beginning.’
Ryan Drake and his team are in hiding, having become sworn enemies of states and agencies around the world. When a CIA operative is killed in a car bomb, Drake is shocked to see an old enemy felled. Further still when a video is released claiming responsibility for the attack… under the name of Ryan Drake.

Forced out of hiding, Drake embarks upon a mission to confront his past. When the stranger from the video reaches out, hinting at secrets just out of reach, he leads Drake on a high-octane journey through the slums of Rio to the deserts of Afghanistan.

Following in the wake of his trail of destruction, the team must pursue Drake as he stops at nothing to find the key to his past. An edge-of-your-seat action thriller from bestselling author Will Jordan, perfect for fans of James Phelan and Vince Flynn.

This is the eighth book in the Ryan Drake series, that seems like a lot of books to catch up on, however this absolutely can be read as a standalone novel. You don't need much of a back-story to enjoy this action packed thriller.

In this story Ryan and his team end up in a sort of enemy of the state kind of scenario. He also becomes the hunted when his name is brought up in connection with a brutal attack, in fact 'he' claims responsibility for the deed. This forces Ryan to act and to expose the person or persons behind this bizarre scheme. Perhaps that is the whole point of the devious plan.

The spy, military and renegade characters are governed by a different set of rules. It's all about political deals, corruption and in this case Ryan revisiting his past. Trust is an empty vessel when it comes to people who are used to being furtive and pretending to be something they are not. There is no such thing as friends in a world where money and power, and sometimes revenge is the greatest currency.

It's military, spy and action genre all rolled into one exciting fast-paced read. Definitely a must read for readers who enjoy Clancy, LeCarre and so on.

I like the fact each book in the series doesn't necessitate the reading of the prior or later books. each one can be read as a standalone novel. Ryan does evolve and grow as the series progresses, but it's irrelevant to a single book reader because they only experience the Ryan they meet at that particular moment in time.

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