Monday 21 January 2019

The Evidence Against You by Gillian McAllister

McAllister is getting quite the reputation when it comes to the premises of her books. She picks scenarios with no clear black or white answers. In fact her speciality is the murky variety of grey shades when it comes to questions of guilt, innocence and the foggy swampland of neither in between.

Izzy English isn't sure whether she should be relieved or worried. Today is the day her father is being released from prison. He has spent the last seventeen years behind bars for the murder of his wife and her mother. Izzy is sent into a little tailspin, because she doesn't know whether she should forgive him or stay away from him.

That is already a quandary, but what really shakes Izzy to her core is the fact her father maintains his innocence. The same man who was found guilty by a jury of his peers and who showed remorse to the parole board, is now saying that he didn't do it and that the guilty party is still out there somewhere.

She decides to start her own investigation into the brutal homicide of her mother, despite all the evidence pointing firmly in the direction of her family.

I enjoyed the way the author portrayed the main character in complete emotional turmoil. She wants what is left of her family back so badly that she is willing to risk her life to prove her father is innocent. At the same time she lies to her loved ones about looking for the real guilty party. and because they think her father is guilty in their eyes there is no danger.

It's a perfect game of cat and mouse, simultaneously it is a mind game full of paranoia and suspicion. Did he do it or didn't he? What does Izzy believe or rather what does she want to believe?

McAllister gives the reader a riveting read full of doubt, self-doubt and speculation. It's a psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes and keep you guessing until the end. You know what they say sometimes if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck - sometimes it's just a duck.

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Publisher: Penguin; pub date 18 April 2019
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