Wednesday, 14 November 2018

#BlogTour The Twisted Web by Rebecca Bradley

It's my turn on the BlogTour The Twisted Web by Rebecca Bradley. A crime based on the way our society reacts to social media and news, and how it changes their values and morality.

About the Author
Rebecca is the author of four novels in the DI Hannah Robbins series, Shallow Waters, Made to be Broken, Fighting Monsters and The Twisted Web as well as a standalone thriller, Dead Blind.

She lives with her family in the UK with their two Cockapoos Alfie and Lola, who keep Rebecca company while she writes. Rebecca needs to drink copious amounts of tea to function throughout the day and if she could, she would survive on a diet of tea and cake while committing murder on a regular basis.

After 16 years service, Rebecca was medically retired from the police where she finished as a detective constable on a specialist unit.

Rebecca now runs a consulting service where she supports crime writers in making sure their fiction is authentic so they can get on with telling a great story. You can find details of that HERE.

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About the book
A social media shaming. A killer with a message. A deadly combination.

When the body of a man is left in the city centre set up as a realistic police crime scene, DI Hannah Robbins is forced to enter a world that can break a person, a case and a reputation.

Social media platforms light up and Hannah is pitted against the raging online monster and a killer who has already lost everything.

Can she catch the killer and put him behind bars or will she become part of his sadistic game?

I think the premise of social media shaming is quite an interesting one. The ability to communicate, share info and connect within a moments notice has changed the way our society relays, processes information and how we communicate. It is especially interesting to note the lack of impulse control and morality when it comes to sharing info online.

It certain countries accidents and tragic events are plagued by people hungry to take pics and footage of the darkest moments in humanity, so they can be the first to share gory pics online. They crave the attention, the hit of the like and the rush of the mega-shares. Being a famous online persona is more important than the dignity of the person captured in the shot.

In a sense it is quite ironic that the villain in this piece wants revenge for his life being destroyed by a social media campaign after an incident he is involved in is misconstrued, and in response to that he uses the same hunger for exposure to get revenge on society.

DI Hannah Robbins is pitted against a hungry steadily growing information engine, a machine that feeds itself and has a never-ending supply of supporters. It's a huge needle in a haystack to find a killer in.

It's a crime based on the way our society reacts to social media and news, and how it changes their values and view on morality. Bradley makes an intriguing point with this story that eats its own tail.

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Published in paperback and eBook on 17th September 2018.
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