Wednesday 29 March 2017

Written in Bones by James Oswald

I still think you shouldn't rule out dragons completely. I'm with the smart kid, if it looks like a dragon-kill it probably is one. Just Saying.

Aside from the possible involvement of fiery scaled flying creatures, the story offers an interesting mixture of crime and something with an undertone of the occult.

Oswald has a tongue in cheek humour, the kind of humour that makes you smirk as you read. It's very subtle and it doesn't disturb the serious intent of the plot.

The opening scene is an excellent example of what the author is capable of. You can almost hear the blood dripping and smell the fear. It is an unusual and very violent crime.

There is a strange undercurrent of something evil and supernatural woven into the fabric of what appears to be the culmination of an internal feud between criminals. The author toys with the unexplained element in a way that makes the reader think it could possibly just be an exaggeration by the main character.

Is it his imagination or stress induced hallucinations? Then again if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it probably is some kind of duck.

Hopefully McLean will encounter his nemesis in the next book and the strange entity will be explored a wee it more.

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