Monday 13 February 2017

Perfect Remains by Helen Fields

When your parents come from two different countries and you have dual nationalities then you could eventually face the conundrum of having roots in two countries and yet being at home in neither. It's confusing to say the least. It makes you feel like a tree living in dodgy soil, something always feels just not quite right.

In a way I think this describes Callanach. Born in Scotland to a French mother and a Scottish father, he has recently returned to the land of his birth after living in France for many years. He might not have returned of his own volition, but he is determined to make his mark.

On a side note I think he needs to pat himself on the back for remaining calm, despite his new colleagues working against him instead of with him. I think I might have lost my rag, just a wee bit mind you.

Fields has created a killer who in turn has created the perfect crime or rather a nearly foolproof way of getting the police to stop looking for his victims. When the police are looking for a killer, as opposed to a missing person, the emphasis on the investigation is different and so is the direction they focus on.

The author manages to create an easy atmosphere when it comes to the main characters, whilst simultaneously allowing for a ruthless and violent killer. Some of the scenes are quite vicious and uncomfortable, but then murder isn't supposed to be comfortable. Fields balances the scales between the two very well.

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