Tuesday 13 December 2016

Nothing went as planned, but hey I'm back!

I just thought I would explain my online absence over the last 10 days...

I had to have surgery and it didn't exactly go the way I expected it to.

Unfortunately I think I am superwoman sometimes and was convinced that major surgery would be a minor setback.

In my head I had it all planned out. In one day, have surgery and out the next day, which is quite the norm in the UK even for major surgery. In theory it sounded great.

In reality I had to beg, wiggle and worm my way out of a longer stay due to the fact I hadn't ticked all the medical boxes for my release. Then I completely underestimated the pain, the fact the pain meds didn't work and how much time I would spend in a semi-unconscious mode.

Again, my great plan also said I would be catching up with all my reading and reviews. None of that happened either. 'Sigh' I think I managed a grand total of one and half books over a 10 day period, as opposed to the at least one a day I usually read.

My brain has been a bit like scrambled eggs on toast without a slice of bread in sight. So much for best laid plans eh?

Anyhoo, I'm back and have a pile of reading and reviews to catch up with!

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