Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Tell Me No Lies by Lisa Hall

This story is enough to make anyone paranoid and balance on the edge of insanity. Except you're not paranoid if someone is actually out to get you. Then again Steph's mind has tricked her into believing strange things before.

Does that seem like one contradiction after the other or as if the author might be trying to mess with the reader? Well, she certainly manages to keep you guessing.

In an insidious 'hand that rocks the cradle' way Steph's life slowly starts to unravel. Is it just her overactive imagination, possibly postpartum depression, a relapse into mental health issues of the past or a third party with evil intentions?

The only thing that didn't ring true for me was the way Steph was willing to trust complete strangers with her life and family within hours of meeting them, and treat old reliable friends like members of the Illuminati. That and the frustrating scenes with the one person who is trying to warn her. Then again I am a cynic and trust is often overrated.

I kind of liked the way Hall didn't give two monkeys about giving the readers the ending she thought they were most likely to expect or prefer. There is no perfectly wrapped gift box with a cute little ribbon on top.

Tell Me No Lies really is a dark raincloud of emotions with hardly any sunlight shimmering through the clouds. More or less a nightmare, so in that sense the author really has done her job.

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