Friday, 15 April 2016

Stolen Child by Laura Elliot

A parent's worst nightmare in every sense of the word. Someone takes your child and you probably never know what happened to him or her. The worst thing being the not knowing.

That's the situation Carla and Robert find themselves in. Their two-day-old baby has been taken and there are no clues to her whereabouts or who might have taken her.

Simultaneously the reader gets to hear the kidnappers side of the story, and as the years go on they also get to know the missing child. Sue commits an act of sheer desperation. I would like to say in a moment of confusion, but the fact is she planned the who and how.

She knew exactly what she was doing when she stole Isobel/Joy. A part of her can never resign herself to the facts and the guilt. There always seems to a barrier between her emotions for the child and being able to love her properly.

It's fascinating to see the way the child and the pseudo mother find it hard to bond, however later when the kidnapper is gone the child is devastated.

People who steal children don't just steal a child, they steal their lives and those of their real parents. They steal the memories they could have made and the bonds that should have been built. The Stolen children return as strangers and find it hard to reconnect to their real parents. No one can give you back missing years.

The premise is ok, but the writing style can do with little more finesse.

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