Tuesday 5 May 2015

The Lie by C.L. Taylor

I can't tell you how worrying and scary this cult scenario is. How easy it is for people to be drawn in, especially young people who are still 'looking' for themselves and a meaning in life.

They are sucked in by promises of a utopia, of enlightenment and of eternal happiness.

The leaders of cults are usually charming, enigmatic and have personalities capable of drawing everyone around them in. This is exactly how the girl's experience Isaac in the beginning, before his true nature is revealed.

The dynamic between the four girls is dysfunctional, abusive at times and not what I would call proper friendships. Friends don't try to hurt, humiliate and harm their friends. It is more than just the brainwashing going on in the commune, both Daisy and Leanne take pleasure in Emma's pain and discomfort.

After what has happened I am surprised Jane isn't more cautious and suspicious of the people around her, especially when they spend all their time asking questions about her. All her alarm bells should have been going off.

Taylor is quite good at creating the type of story that makes you talk to the book.When you tell the main character not to go there and do that. No really, just don't go there.

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