Thursday, 7 June 2018

#BlogTour Pretty Little Things by T.M.E. Walsh

Today it is a pleasure to host the BlogTour for Pretty Little Things by T.M.E. Walsh. It is truly a wicked psychological thriller, in every sense of the word. Walsh really knows how to keep readers hooked.

About the Author
Tania (T. M. E.) Walsh is the author of the DCI Claire Winters series. Tania began writing full time after becoming a casualty to the recession in late 2008.

The first DCI Claire Winters book, ‘For All Our Sins’, was originally published in February 2011. When the rights reverted back to the author, the novel then underwent a re-write.

Tania went on to successfully self-publish ‘For All Our Sins’, and the second novel in the series, ‘The Principle of Evil’, in 2013. Both novels appeared in the various best-selling Amazon Kindle charts, before being picked up by HQ Digital - a division of HarperCollins – in 2015.

‘For All Our Sins’ was published in September 2015, ‘The Principle of Evil’ in February 2016, and ‘Trial by Execution’ followed in February 2017, all published by HarperCollins.

Tania lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and young daughter.

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About the book
It’s bad when the girls go missing.
It’s worse when the girls are found.

Six months ago, Charlotte almost lost everything. Now, she’s determined to keep her daughter, Elle, safe. So when local girls close to Elle in age and appearance begin to go missing, it’s her worst nightmare.

Charlotte’s fears are confirmed when a frantic search becomes a shocking murder investigation. The girls’ bodies have been found – half-buried, and with traces of mud and wildflowers under their fingernails.

As Charlotte’s obsession with keeping her daughter close pushes her marriage to the brink, local DI Madeleine Wood embarks on a gruelling search for the killer. And, as they dig deeper into the lives of the people they call friends and neighbours, they uncover secrets more terrible than they ever imagined…

Nice one.
Seriously, it's a wicked plot. The solution comes completely out of left field, it's a bit like being slapped unexpectedly up the side of the head with a really fat wet kipper, and then just standing there completely dumbstruck. *Bows down to the author*

It's fair to say that things haven't been the same for Charlotte since she was involved in a nearly fatal accident a few months ago. Her face is scarred, which makes her feel insecure, and her memory is as reliable as a leaky tap. The difference is you can fix or replace a tap, whereas Charlotte can't be fixed and Charlotte sometimes has no idea whether she is coming or going.

Her insecurities and post-traumatic stress have become consistently worse, especially because she refuses to seek any medical attention. Her husband has started to look elsewhere for comfort, her daughter resents the control issues her mother has, and Charlotte herself has become too attached to the man who saved her life.

Everything comes to a head when the corpses of young girls are found. There is a predator on the loose and Charlotte is determined to make sure her daughter doesn't become one of his next victims, because the killer has already struck too close to home for comfort.

Walsh writes a compelling piece of crime with fascinating characters, and the plotting is done with an almost criminal air of nonchalance. With a kind of cheeky disregard for what the reader might have been expecting, which is incredibly clever from a plot perspective.

I will definitely be reading more by this author in future. I always appreciate a devious mind and a storyteller who is willing to bend the rules in order to deliver a read one won't easily forget. It messes with your head, but in a nice evil way.

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