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#BlogTour Body Heat by Candy Denman

Today I am delighted to take part in the BlogTour Body Heat by Candy Denman. This is the second part of the Jocasta Hughes series. A crime mystery with a main character who likes to meddle and dig until she finds the truth.

About the Author
Candy Denman is a Crime and TV script writer of programmes such as The Bill, Heartbeat and Doctors. Author of the Dr Jocasta Hughes crime series set in Hastings.
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About the book
Dr Jocasta Hughes is faced with a gruesome series of murders which leave the remains of the victims twisted and charred. The hunt heats up for the arsonist, and so does Jo's relationship with the exasperating DI Miller. A chilling mystery with lead characters you want to spend more time with, and a murderer you definitely want to avoid.

I think Jocasta tends to be a meddler. She inserts herself into situations she doesn't belong in, and although her intentions may be good, she often makes certain situations worse.

I get the whole unrequited love or insurmountable obstacles between Miller and Jo is a wee bit hypocritical, especially given the reason why this particular killer might be killing. She is the 'other' woman, even if it is just on an emotional level. It is the easy way out for someone who tends to stay away from serious relationships.

Jo also tends to ignore boundaries and rules, as if they apply to everyone except her. Whilst that may seem like an endearing and mischievous personality trait, it is also detrimental to her in a professional capacity and her patients. Even when others, including the more vulnerable, are giving her clear signals that she should watch those boundary issues, she still persists on pushing on through.

Denman does make a valid point when it comes to vulnerable people and the police. They are more likely to confess to any crime if put under enough pressure, which is why they need proper representation and support. Their vulnerability doesn't mean they can't be guilty of a crime, but they are more likely to be coerced into believing they have committed one.

main character is an interesting contrast between an irritating meddler and persistent do-gooder. Her heart is in the right place, however her mind and physical presence are usually pursuing the truth with no regard for her own safety. This is a fascinating ploy from a plot perspective, because Jo has more flaws than a faulty product.

This is a story with an overpowering main character, who is determined to solve every problem or mystery in her vicinity, with a sideline of crime. It is compelling and harsh without relying on a certain level of violence to create a gripping plot. Given the ending I am interested to see where the author takes Jo and Miller in the next book.

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Publisher: Crime Scene Books ( pub. date 24 May 2018)

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