Friday, 22 June 2018

#BlogTour America Über Alles by Jack Fernley

Today it's time for the BlogTour for America Über Alles by Jack Fernley, a slightly disturbing premise, although given the politics of our time perhaps not quite such an outlandish prospect.

About the Author
Jack Fernley is the pen name of Wayne Garvie, a leading British television executive. Over his career he has been involved with programmes as varied as Strictly Come Dancing, Top of the Pops, Top Gear, and The Crown, and has worked as Head of Entertainment at the BBC. He is currently Chief Creative Officer for Sony and lives in London.
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About the book
What if America was based not on the Declaration of Independence, but the values of Mein Kampf?
Germany, April 1945. As the Russians close in on Berlin, a lone plane flies into the city. On board are General Robert Ritter von Greim and the Nazi flying ace, Hanna Reitsch, summoned by Hitler to his bunker. There, the Führer reveals Germany’s secret weapon – a weapon he believes will win the war for the Nazis and change the course of history for ever.

America, December 1776. George Washington and his army are close to collapse, the War of Independence is almost lost. The British army scent victory, aided by the arrival of extraordinary German mercenaries. However, when the Germans offer the Americans secret intelligence to allow a surprise attack on their supposed allies, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems. Who are these Germans and what are they fighting for?

Fast-paced, thrilling and thought-provoking, America Über Alles imagines a world in which the American War of Independence becomes a struggle for democratic values against fascist ideology; perfect for fans of SSGB and The Man in the High Castle.

Given our current political climate and the steady rise of the far-right and anti-semitism in the 21st century, this premise is slightly disturbing, although perhaps not quite such an outlandish prospect.

Imagine if the Nazi's and the Fuhrer himself had influenced the outcome of the American War of Independence. However that also means their specific twisted ideology would become part and parcel of the American way of life, thereby changing the course of history forever.

I think the most worrying aspect of this fictional scenario is the fact that there are probably a lot of people who would applaud the idea. The idea of Mein Kampf becoming the go-to bible and book of rules of the country or nation that was founded on the idea of democracy, basic human rights and freedom, well it's truly disturbing.

I think Fernley does two things with this premise. First of all he highlights the racism, bigotry, violence and blinkered views of the Nazi's, and how damaging their ideology was and is. Secondly he demonstrates how easy it is for people to accept the unacceptable. In this day and age where one of the biggest democracies is being run by an autocrat, who is political buddies with volatile dictators, it's important to remind everyone how important it is to rebel against oppression.

As the world watches America being stripped of the very values it was founded upon, America above everything and everyone doesn't seem like such a bizarre storyline after all. I'm sure a lot of countries would love to own time-hopping super soldiers to change the outcome of history, but I am glad they only exist in this fictional context. I dread to think what else could happen.

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