Saturday, 17 September 2016

Today! Blog-Tour: The Last Will and Testament of Daphné Le Marche

It's my turn to introduce you to the The Last Will and Testament of Daphné Le Marche by Kate Forster. A glamorous company, a secret recipe and plenty of family secrets will keep you on your toes in this beauty extravaganza of a read.
About the author
Kate lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two children and two dogs, and can be found nursing a laptop, surrounded by magazines and watching trash TV or French films.

Connect with Kate Forster at Follow @Kateforster and @HQStories and look out for #DaphneLeMarche on Twitter.

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About the book
Paris, 1956. Eighteen year old Daphné may be from a tiny French village, but she knows she’s destined for more. Stepping off a bus into bustling Paris with a suitcase full of her home-made beauty products, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to claim her stake in the world.

London, 2016. Scandalous love affairs and an iconic cosmetics brand have kept Daphné Le Marche in spotlight – but her darkest secrets have never come to light. Now, in her London penthouse, enveloped in her rich signature scent, the Grande Dame of glamour has died.

But not even those closest to her could have been prepared for what came next.
The Last Will and Testament of Daphné Le Marche is a sweeping story of heartbreak, scandal and the importance of keeping it in all the family…
This is the equivalent of Dynasty in a modern story of family dynamics, secrets and power struggles. The matriarch of a beauty company is contemplating her entire life as she gets closer to death's door.

Inspired by the thought she might be able to rectify some of the wrongs of the past with one simple gesture, she decides to make some last minute changes to her will. Forcing her family to work together to resolve their differences.

Everything leads back to the choices Daphné made many years ago. A simple country girl looking for an opportunity to make her way in the world. She finds love, disappointment and heartbreak during her rise to fame.

The Le Marche family isn't really so different from any other family. Everyone has secrets that should stay buried. Some of them more serious than others. Perhaps even the kind that may make someone believe they have no other way out than to die or disappear completely. There is a reason they are buried in the first place.

The story wanders from present to past, so the reader can follow Daphné as a young woman and then again just before her death. The repercussions of her actions ripple through the years and time, like a bomb blast. Perhaps being honest would have been the better policy.

Forster likes to let the reader believe in an achievable happy ending. That despite all of the twisted lies and negative feelings there may just be a way back to normality and happiness.

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