Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Happening right now! The Blog-Tour: The Ex Factor by Eva Woods

This Blog-Tour is a humdinger, it is so big it needs two parts and two banners. Welcome to The Ex Factor by Eva Woods.

I have added links to all my fellow bloggers, so you can follow the tour and find out more about this great book.
1st Sep at bookbinge.com and bookreferees.org

2nd Sep at chicksthatread.com and bookmoodreviews.com

3rd Sep at wordsfromareader.weebly.com and spoonfulofhappyendings.blogspot.co.uk

4th Sep at metlinereader.wordpress.com and brizzlelassbooks.wordpress.com

5th Sep at bookaholicconfessions.wordpress,com and thewritinggarnet.wordpress.com
6th Sep at sincerelybookangels.blogspot.co.uk and onmybookshelfsite.wordpress.com

7th Sep at hannahreviewingbooks.blogspot.co.uk and cancersuckscouk.ipage.com

8th Sep at kellysbookcorner.blogspot.co.uk and bookishjottings.wordpress.com

9th Sep at reviewedthebook.co.uk and celiamoontown.com

10th Sep at mmcheryl.wordpress.com and thischickreads.com

11th Sep at reabookreview.blogspot.co.uk and gobookyourself.info

12th Sep at handwrittengirl.com

Follow Eva Woods @InkStainsClaire and @HQStories and look out for #TheExFactor on Twitter

I look forward to seeing you here on the 10th for my review of The Ex Factor!

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