Monday, 12 September 2016

Of Sand and Malice Made by Bradley P. Beaulieu

This is a prequel novella to the novel Twelve Kings in Sharakhai the first book of The Song of Shattered Sands by Beaulieu.

Although it seems as if there are three tales, they are just three parts of the same tale spaced slightly apart.

Çeda is known for her talents and ferocity, which attracts the wrong type of person. Her strength and tenacity come to the attention of the wrong person. When I say person I am taking artistic licence, let's say spirit or being.

Everything leads back to an evil deity, who has set their sights on Çeda. Essentially the story is the ensuing battle to free herself and her friends from the tentacles of this ancient being. Sounds straightforward right, but hey you don't live for thousands of years without becoming wily and more or less indestructible.

It is a tale of mythology, folklore, magic and fantasy. It fulfils it's purpose, which is to introduce readers to the world Beaulieu has created.

Interestingly enough it works both as a standalone novella, and yet at the same time it kind of hooks you into the world of the next book. I liked the combination of fantasy and the sense of mysticism that flows subtly throughout the tale.

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