Friday, 25 March 2016

Aftermath by Richard Crowder

Don't expect any frivolous details or leaning towards the dramatic, this is a scholars book. Politics and history with an emphasis on the great men in power at the time.

Crowder has also added tidbits of information about those men. Idiosyncrasies, odd habits, power games and even unexpected funerals.

I think even now in the 21st century many of the generations are completely unaware of the Cold War machinations. As we speak or read, the wheeling, dealing and political games of chess are happening behind many a door.

I don't believe any of it can be compared to the post-war political agendas. The shaping and creation of post-war treaties and alliances by the political greats and leaders of the 20th century.

Crowder has included such a vast amount of details it often seems like overload, and it seems to lack direction, but that may really have to do with the sheer amount of information.

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