Friday, 31 May 2019

Dead If You Don't by Peter James

This is book fourteen in the DSI Roy Grace series.
I thought James brought this book back to the roots of Grace a wee bit. It was certainly a fast-paced read from beginning to end, but I am referring to a sense of nostalgia it awakens in relation to the earlier books in the series.

There was less focus on Grace, his family and his personal life, aside from the whole bomb fiasco. Instead the majority of the read is focused on the dirty criminal underworld Grace finds himself pulled into.

The story begins with a horrific scenario when Grace and his son find themselves in a stadium at the same time as the many lives in said stadium are under threat. Somewhere in there is a bomb, which is about to go off at any minute and there is no time to get out before it does. Thus Grace is thrust, head-first into this action packed thriller.

Whilst every ear and eye is on a possible detonation a young boy goes missing. The son of a successful businessman, who also has a nasty gambling habit. The kind of habit that ends up with him being the perfect target for a group of ruthless criminals. The type that doesn't mind if they kill a kid.

It had the feel of a television show, a weekly series featuring a popular police detective. It's a sound crime thriller with a decent pace. James tends to deliver a good read though. This is no exception.

It's very much urban crime meets modern mafia, which is tackled by good ol' Brit policing.

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