Tuesday 4 April 2017

Everything but the Truth by Gillian McAllister

I have to admit this one had me muttering and shaking my head, whilst I was reading.

Aside from being a wee bit obsessed and jealous, Rachel is quite simply a rather big hypocrite throughout the entire book. Omitting the truth and keeping secrets, well let's just say Jack isn't the only person guilty of doing that.

I think McAllister has incorporated a pretty controversial topic in this read. How far would you go to defend your family and keep them safe? Seems like a straightforward question, right? I suppose if you disregard the law and a few morals it isn't such a big issue.

My dislike for Rachel, or rather her character, grew exponentially as she discovered more about Jack and judged him consistently. I understand why he did it. The law and the enforcement of the law is tantamount to a sham when the criminals can do whatever they like without any repercussions at all. To make matters worse, the victims can't legally protect themselves or their property without falling foul of the law themselves.

We live in an age, an era which allows a criminal who has broken into your home to sue you if you hurt them or they hurt themselves during their criminal escapade. The rights of the criminals seem to have taken precedence over those of their victims.

Taking all the prior events into consideration I fail to see why Rachel is so disturbed by it all. He lied to her, I can understand why that would be an issue, but surely she can find some compassion for the predicament he found himself in?

Told you, I just got very annoyed by her reactions, especially considering her own past indiscretions and unethical decisions. They are not far from being on equal standing where bad decisions are concerned.

To me a plot with a moral dilemma worthy of many a discussion is a good read. McAllister does it in a really subtle way, in a way that draws you in and makes you mumble under your breath. Ok, maybe that's just me.

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